«The Student is never educated, but, guided by his teacher, he learns how to educate himself » Kenji tokitsu

Obtaining results cannot be improvised

It is decided, planified, learnt & practiced

"Our expertise in training and personal development will help you develop a mindset.

You will become aware of our approach and our teaching methods that have already proven themselves at the highest level.

We believe that each of you has the potential and ability to achieve your goals insofar as we will get to know each other better. "

Mehdi Daouki

Mehdi Daouki, Founder & Head Coach of D> Coaching,

is working with the elites of world tennis.

21 years of experience in the tennis education.

16 years on the international circuit (WTA, ITF, ATP).

18 international titles under his belt as a Coach.

7 years of membership at the prestigious Mouratoglou Academy.

Member of Staff All in Academy Lyon


    Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Sofrocay

    Undergraduate Master of Caycedo Sophrology


    Member of the GPTCA (Level A)

  • French Federation of Tennis

    1st degree state FFT diploma

  • USPTR Coach

    Foux d’allos, France

Act different and learn to win

Marcos Baghdatis


N°8 ATP in (2007) 8 International Titles Finalist at Open Australia (2006)

Aravane Rezai


15th in the WTA rankings in (2010) 4 International Titles 4 Victories over N°1 Worldwide

Ons Jabeur


Best African Player today, Winner of Roland Garros Juniors.

Sébastian Lavie


Finalist at Les petits AS - 30 th Worldwide Juniors

Cindy Chala


Champion of France Juniors in (2011) - 11th Worldwide Juniors

Group Coaching Session


D> Academy in Tangier in (2014) Coaching Group focus.

Sachia Vickery


US Open (2015) Academy collaboration with the US team of Sachia Vickery, Sachia is actually ranked 160 th in WTA

Chan Yung-Jan


Top 5 WTA in doubles with 3 finals at Grand Chelem. Top 50 in simple.



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Professional players on the circuit (ATP / WTA) / ITF Juniors Top Players

Personalized preparation according to your goals

Rehabilitation and personal development program

Weeks of intensive training before a tour on the circuit

Coaching sessions and trainings with various themes

Balance sheet and working guidelines: tactical, technical, mental, physical

Collaboration with the team & parents of the elite player

Training of trainers-coaches

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Discover, use and master new pedagogies through a certified training

Communicate better on the court with a simple and effective technique

Optimization tools of player-coach relationship

Evolving expertise mini-tennis in high level competition

Methods and training strategies for young talents and top players

Improve your teaching style thanks to a winning coaching

Multisport coaching

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Athletes wishing to make their competition = their priority

Develop strong psychological tools and appeal to essential resources for a better approach to your sport

Identify and develop your playing style with an integrative mindset

Stress management before and during your event

Channel your emotional energy

Improve your concentration

Matches preparation techniques

Treat your workouts together with your trainer-coach


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Behind every champion hides a leader and 8 times out of 10 it is the father or mother: Richard Williams, Judy Murray, Dimitrov, Yuri Sharapov

Helping a child to overcome a difficulty

Developing coaching skills to better support your child

Adopting the role of parent-coach

Learn to clarify the sports projects for your child

Benefit from expert listening and advices

Business conferences

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The Champions are often intelligent people who manage their careers and their lives as a business

Choices, adjustments, winning strategies allow them to develop a culture and an appetite for winning

Self-esteem, trust each other, define a real plan of action, whether the right people, quickly decide .... determining factors in the high level sport but also in any business

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. Arthur Ashe

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